Here’s an outline of my professional experience (updated January 2019):

  • Data scientist at an international company (Australia and the United States) – enhancing clients’ marketing decisions using computer science, mathematics, and business leadership.
  • Research student (medicine) in the new clinical research data centre led by Rinaldo Bellomo (the most highly-cited intensivist in intensive care history, head of intensive care research at Austin Hospital, and professor at the University of Melbourne).
  • Research assistant (econometrics) at Monash University – hierarchical and grouped time-series forecasting with George Athanasopoulos (deputy head of department, Econometrics and Business Statistics).
  • Management consultant at an Australian company – worked with leaders in small and medium-sized enterprises across a range of industries to improve business processes.
  • Graduate (computer science) from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia – honours research in psychology and computer science focused on enhancing spaced repetition tools with Judy Sheard (head of school, Information Technology).